The Top Hand Sanitizer Dispensers of 2021

Looking for the best hand sanitizer dispenser to keep your hands clean and germ-free? With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Whether you’re running a business, or just want to keep your family safe during these unprecedented times, a good quality hand sanitizer dispenser can make all the difference. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best hand sanitizer dispensers that are not only effective, but also easy to use and maintain. So, let’s dive in and explore our top picks!

Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

When it comes to hand sanitizer dispensers, there are several types available in the market. From manual to automatic, wall-mounted to free-standing, here are the most popular types of hand sanitizer dispensers that you can choose from:

1. Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: These are the most traditional hand sanitizer dispensers. They require individuals to pump the dispenser to get the hand sanitizer to come out. Manual hand sanitizer dispensers are often wall-mounted and can dispense a good amount of hand sanitizer. Manual dispensers are also the most affordable option available in the market.

2. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are touch-free and rely on motion sensors to dispense hand sanitizer. They are ideal for public spaces such as hospitals, shopping malls, and cinemas, where having a touch-free dispensing system is essential. They are a bit more expensive than manual dispensers.

3. Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Portable hand sanitizer dispensers are small and compact and can be easily carried around in a purse or pocket. These are ideal for people who are always on the go and need quick access to hand sanitizer.

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4. Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers are perfect for offices, schools, and other establishments as they can be easily mounted on the walls. They are available in both manual and automatic options.

5. Free-Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Free-standing hand sanitizer dispensers are ideal for public spaces such as shopping malls and airports. They can be placed at entry and exit points to ensure that people sanitize their hands before entering and leaving.

In conclusion, choosing the right hand sanitizer dispenser is important to keep your hands clean and help prevent the transmission of germs and viruses. With so many options available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand sanitizer dispensers come in different types, and it is essential to consider the type that will best suit your needs. In this section of the article, we will provide you with information on the different types of hand sanitizer dispensers.

1. Wall-mounted dispensers

Wall-mounted dispensers are the most popular type of hand sanitizer dispensers. They can be mounted on the wall in strategic places like entrances, corridors, and restrooms. Wall-mounted dispensers are easy to use, accessible, and can dispense large quantities of sanitizer at a time. They come in different sizes and shapes to suit different environments.

2. Countertop dispensers

Countertop dispensers are ideal for small spaces like office reception and checkout desk. They are compact, easy to use, and require little or no installation. Countertop dispensers come in different sizes and designs to match any décor.

3. Touchless dispensers

Touchless dispensers are becoming increasingly popular as they eliminate the need for users to touch the dispenser, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Touchless dispensers use sensors that detect motion, and they dispense the sanitizer automatically. They are ideal for high traffic areas like hospitals and airports.

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4. Portable dispensers

Portable dispensers are small and convenient to carry around. They are perfect for people who are always on the go. Portable dispensers come in different sizes and designs to suit different preferences.

In conclusion, choosing the right type of hand sanitizer dispenser is crucial to maintaining good hand hygiene. Wall-mounted dispensers are ideal for larger spaces, while countertop dispensers are perfect for small spaces. Touchless dispensers are perfect for high traffic areas while portable dispensers are ideal for people who are always on the move. Pick the type that is best suited for your environment and get ready to enjoy the benefits of good hand hygiene.

A Guide on Choosing the Best Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispensers come in various styles and types, making it a bit overwhelming for some to find the right one. Indeed, you may think that all dispensers do the same thing, but they differ in design, mechanism, and capacity.

Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the best hand sanitizer dispenser:

Type of dispensing
Hand sanitizer dispensers have different mechanisms of dispensing. Some have a manual pump, while others automatically dispense sanitizer when your hand is placed below the sensor. There are also foot-operated dispensers, excellent for hands-free operation. Consider what type of dispensing suits your needs and preferences.

The dispenser’s capacity should also align with your usage needs. If you’re in the office, a smaller dispenser might suffice. However, if you’re in a high-traffic area, you might want to consider a larger dispenser to avoid frequent replacements or refilling.

Design and Placement
Hand sanitizing solutions should be easily accessible and visible to everyone, so your employees and customers can protect themselves from viruses and bacteria. Choose a dispenser design that complements the area where it will be placed. For instance, automatic dispensers may be more suitable for hospitals, while a more colorful and stylish dispenser could be used in retail areas.

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Sanitizer Type and Compatibility
Lastly, check the type of hand sanitizer the dispenser is compatible with. Some dispensers are compatible with liquid, gel, or foam sanitizers, while others are compatible with specific brands’ solution. Ensure that the sanitizer you use is compatible with the dispenser you are considering.

In conclusion, finding the right dispenser for your needs will ensure you provide adequate hand sanitizing solutions for your employees and customers. Consider the factors shared above when making a decision to find the best hand sanitizer dispenser that suits your needs.


What is a hand sanitizer dispenser?

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that dispenses hand sanitizer, which is a liquid or gel used to kill germs and bacteria on hands.

What are the benefits of using a hand sanitizer dispenser?

Using a hand sanitizer dispenser has several benefits. First, it helps promote good hygiene and reduces the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Second, it is a convenient way to ensure that hand sanitizer is readily available.

Which type of hand sanitizer dispenser is the best?

The best type of hand sanitizer dispenser depends on your needs. There are a variety of options, including touchless dispensers, wall-mounted dispensers, and portable dispensers. It is important to choose one that is easy to use and can be easily refilled.

What should I look for when buying a hand sanitizer dispenser?

When buying a hand sanitizer dispenser, you should consider its durability, ease of use, and cost. Look for a dispenser that is made of sturdy materials, has a large capacity, and offers easy refilling. You may also want to consider a touchless dispenser, which can help reduce the spread of germs.

Where should I place my hand sanitizer dispenser?

Your hand sanitizer dispenser should be placed in a location that is easily accessible to everyone, such as near the entrance or in a high traffic area. It should also be placed at a comfortable height to use.

We hope that this article has helped you find the best hand sanitizer dispenser for your needs. Remember, keeping your hands clean is vital, especially in today’s world. Thanks for reading, stay safe, and make sure to drop by again for more informative content!